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  • 14k White Gold Sparking Wedding Ring

14k White Gold Sparking Wedding Ring

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Your exquisite wedding ring will serve as a beautiful forever reminder of your wedding day, with a romantic that symbolizes the lasting love. Made from 14k white gold offers maximum sparkle and shine.

This refined white gold wedding ring features a brushed finish center bordered by engraved lines and high-polish edges. Buy this wedding ring from our store to make stunning looks at weddings. This ring is a great gift for loved ones.

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  • MODELWR171
  • SIZE5.5mm


  • 14 KARAT GOLDSolid Gold

Shiri Diamond on Israeli television news

Shiri Diamonds on Israeli television news

We were delighted to be the only experts to identify a synthetic diamond. The diamond industry is very complex and contains a lot of modern technologies and developments to create fake diamonds. We do everything possible to ensure that we provide natural diamond to our customers.

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All the jewelry presented on the website are produced by us from refined gold grains to the finished piece of jewelry. You buy jewelry first-hand when the diamond comes directly from the diamond exchange and the jewelry gold casted and finished by us. This is why we are able to ensure our high quality at a low price.

Buy a diamond and feel safe

Buy a diamond and feel safe

As members of the Diamond Exchange, we try to grade the diamond parameters as close as possible to the GIA scale. We use natural diamonds as standard. (Diamonds created in nature. Not synthetic or overgrown diamonds).

Each diamond jewelry comes with a warranty certificate indicating the diamond information.