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  • 4.1mm Dome Shaped Wedding Band in 14k Gold
  • Realistic picture of 4.1mm Dome Shaped Wedding Band in 14k Gold

4.1mm Dome Shaped Wedding Band in 14k Gold

Quick Overview:

Embrace endless romance and honor your lifetime commitment in sophisticated fashion with this gorgeous 14k wedding band that measures 4.1mm wide.
Make your wedding occasion something to remember in refined style by selecting this wedding band created with a dome-shaped high shine finish, comfortably hugging the finger when worn throughout the day and night.

The classic, clean lines of this 14k gold wedding band make it the ultimate wedding band for both men and women and is the perfect choice for those who seek a wider wedding band that makes your commitment with undeniable grace.
Celebrate your love everyday with this stunning wedding band.

The ring can also be ordered in white or red gold.

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  • MODELWR559
  • SIZE4.1mm




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Shiri Diamond on Israeli television news

Shiri Diamonds on Israeli television news

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