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Terms & Conditions

This Terms & Conditions is written simplest and short to be clear to all. Purchase from us and using our website is conditional on receiving your absolute consent to everything written here.

If you do not understand the Terms & Conditions or do not accept any part of them, do not place an order. We have the right to change and update this Terms & Conditions at any time.


Free delivery (on orders over $280) to your home -most parts of the country. We aim to ship the product within 10-14 business days. Sometimes we ship earlier, but at busy times it may take longer. If there is an urgent need to send earlier let us know and we will try to do our best.

When your order is ready for shipping, you will receive an WhatsApp message. shipping arrival time to your house typically takes about 3-5 days depending on your location. Shipments that are returned or require rerouting will be subject to additional charges for reshipment.

Delivery times are estimates and start from the date of dispatch. We cannot be held responsible for delays due to remote delivery locations, natural disaster, bad weather, incomplete or incorrect delivery addresses, local taxes costs, or any other that beyond our control.


You can cancel a transaction up to 2 days after a sale. The products that can be canceled: Jewelry whose value does not exceed $750. Deadline to cancel the order: You can cancel within the first two business days from date of order. Cancellation fees: 5% or $49 (whichever is lower). Exceptions: products manufactured according to customer order and measurements. We do not accept returns or offer refund.

It is impossible to illustrate the whole jewel by a picture and short description. You should ask us about anything critical or unclear detail before making the purchase

We reserve the right to cancel an order that originates from some mistake / lack of inventory or any other reason at our sole discretion.

Payments & Tax

We accept bank transfer payments, cash and credit card payment. If you choose to order a product without physically coming to the shop, you can order and pay online or by phone. Those paying by credit card have the option of up to 6 monthly payments without interest.

We ship to you directly from our workshop in Israel. You may be required to make additional payments such as customs or VAT (depending on your country's laws)


Products ordered and shipped to you are 100% insured. If the product that is sent to you is lost, stolen or damaged the product is insured and will be replaced without any need to act on your part.

Tracking Shipments

You can track each package that is sent to you. We ship packages with a tracking number through which you can track your package at any given time. If you do not have the tracking number of the package, ask and we will send you the tracking number and the company website through which the package was sent.

Using and Warranty

Diamond Jewelry comes with a certificate stating the details of the gold and diamonds. Gold Jewelry over a certain weight has a stamp indicating the purity of the gold.
Gold is a precious metal that becomes rarer and more expensive over time, but it is one of the softest metals which can easily scratch and warp. We produce high quality jewelry when the gold is smooth and shiny. But we can not be responsible for damage because the nature of gold. This is mainly manifested with gold chains and white gold items which is required to be coated with materials like rhodium when the rhodium is rubbed and the natural mixture of gold exposed.

The gold that is used for jewelry is a mixture of pure gold and other metals like copper, silver, and brass to create the yellow, red and white gold hue. Therefore, the customer must know if there is a sensitivity to one of the types of metals. Sensitivity is very rare but is usually happened with the white gold

Details and Dimensions

There may be deviations in the dimensions and details of the jewelry. The production process is a complex process which is affected by shrinking in the casting process, the diamond setting and the handmade goldsmithing process. Each step effects the jewelry dimensions and in addition there are deviations between different weights and measuring tools. It is therefore difficult to predict exactly the final dimensions of a jewel and slight deviations are legitim. With multi-diamond jewelry, diamond color and clarity may characterize an intermediate level.